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I’ve wanted to visit The Cupcake Shoppe in Toronto for Β over a year now but never did because I was busy, didn’t know how to find it (reviews online said it was hidden away in some corner and wasn’t easy to locate) and because a lot of the reviews online said their cupcakes were dry and bad and worse than ‘grocery store’ cupcakes.

I finally visited it last week after a post lunch craving for cupcakes. I googled the address and found out that it was actually really near my office…just two subway stops away!

How were the cupcakes? Fantastic!

Before I get into details have a look at the pictures below :

The Cupcake Shoppe Review - Toronto Bakery

The Cupcake Shoppe Review - Toronto BakeryThe Cupcake Shoppe Review - Toronto BakeryThe Cupcake Shoppe Review - Toronto BakeryThe Cupcake Shoppe Review - Toronto Bakery

I had the flavours Triple Chocolate and Cookie Dough.

Cookie dough was just amazing! A very well made cupcake with a good sugar ratio in the cupcake as well as the icing. If the icing is too sweet it ruins the cupcake and if the icing is one of those completely sugarless icing (which a lot of bakeries have these days) it’s just tasteless. I mean come on it’s a cupcake! Has to be sweet. This one was just sweet enough and perfect. The cookie dough cupcake was sprinkled with bits of chocolate chips and they were inside the cupcake as well. I really liked the quality of the chocolate chips too and they made sure everything was perfect from the icing to the chocolate chips to the cupcake itself.

Triple Chocolate : As the name suggests it had three chocolate parts : the chocolate cupcake , chocolate icing and chocolate chips. Now hands down I’m a chocolate lover so I could handle the extra chocolatey goodness of this cupcake but if you only like chocolate and don’t love it then don’t try this cupcake because the flavours might be too intense for you. This cupcake was not bitter in any way. And at times too much chocolate can get bitter. While writing this post I just wanna go back and get another one! πŸ˜€

Have you been to The Cupcake Shoppe? Any other bakeries you fancy?


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