My Makeup Lesson Experience with Magnified Beauty : Toronto/Mississauga Makeup Lessons

I always wanted to take a makeup lesson or two and learn a few of the more complicated eye makeup looks and address some of the makeup doubts I’ve had for a long time. Going to makeup school was and is not an option for me – too expensive, requires too much time commitment and they teach you so many unnecessary things which you only need to know if you plan on becoming a makeup artist, which I do not.

I wanted to go for a short 2-3 hour lesson which would be taught on a one on one basis and I’d get personal attention and when I found Sehar from Magnified Beauty I knew I had to book her fast and go for it. I checked her work on Instagram and loved it! Her insta pictures comprised of stunning makeup that ranged from subtle every day eyes to bold smokey eyes to vibrant colourful looks – all blended and executed beautifully. I also saw some contouring pictorials and that she was a pro at that and her base makeup in all her pictures was just flawless. She lives in Mississauga so anyone in the Mississauga or GTA area (like me) can conveniently book her because the distance isn’t much, but even if you’re coming to the city from another location I’d highly recommend taking time out and visiting her.

Here are some eye looks she did on me and taught me :

Toronto Mississauga Makeup Lessons



The makeup lesson took place in her studio which had a cozy and cute set up. She had a large mirror set up which we practiced in front of and a dresser full of makeup and all sorts of brushes and the tools required. I brought my own items because I wanted to learn how I could use them better but we used a lot of the makeup she uses on her clients as well when it came to items my collection doesn’t have yet. That way I was able to learn about some great new products and brushes which I will be purchasing soon. She gave me a lot of useful info about new products that I was missing and which websites to purchase them from.

She gave me tons of useful tips on makeup application such as lining brows with concealer to make them stand out, how to mix concealers to get your perfect colour and finish, colour correcting dark circles, contouring and highlighting and so much more. The best part was that all of the info was tailored to my facial features. I watch tons of YouTube beauty videos but that’s a whole different story. YouTube videos cannot teach you how to apply makeup according to your features and everyones face is different. For example, I have small and partially hooded eyes and the YouTube videos I watch teach me how to do a beautiful smokey eye but that might be for a different eye shape so it’s important to ask a makeup expert about eye makeup application for your shape. I started out by showing her how I do my everyday eye makeup and told her I hate how the transition colour looks harsh and above my crease. She showed me how to apply it i such a way that it gives depth yet still looks simple by not going too above the crease and doesn’t look too bold for everyday wear.

She also helped me in covering my dark circles which are my biggest insecurity. In the pic above, you can see my dark circles covered in the bottom right picture compared to the other three on which I am not wearing concealer. She also busted a big makeup myth that is that liner on your lower lash line makes your dark circles darker and eyes smaller. No it doesn’t! If done properly, it doesn’t make your eyes smaller in anyway. We applied liner on the bottom lash line on one eye and smoked it out with shadow to give a softer effect and left one eye naked and both of them looked the same size.

Sehar herself is a Canadian Beauty College passout and has attended the seminar by Dress Your Face and follows a lot of her techniques. You can follow her on her instagram named Magnified Beauty and contact her for makeup lessons and bridal/party makeup. Here are some of her looks:

Toronto Mississauga Makeup LessonsToronto Mississauga Makeup LessonsToronto Mississauga Makeup Lessons


That’s just a glimpse of her work. For more pictures you gotta go follow her on insta šŸ˜‰

All in all I had a great time and walked out with many new tips. She was kind and very informative and helped me in making notes while the lesson went on. She even drew diagrams to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything. She was super sweet and cleaned my brushes multiple times inbetween while practicing different eye looks and though the lesson was for 3 hours, she spent extra time on me and made sure I learned everything I had planned before leaving and made sure I was satisfied with everything and confident.

Sehar’s Instagram : Magnified Beauty

Email :Ā


Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚


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  • Richa Saxena

    wow! Those are some beautiful looks created dear šŸ™‚
    Even I had love to take lessons but I can’t find anyone around me that would just teach eye makeup in my area…Usually they come in a package…

    • Cara

      I attended one of the make up classes at magnified hair and beauty too! Was very excited when I booked but I thought her to be a little off. She came across as a little aggressive and rude at times..atleast a couple of us thought so and as a result were not entirely happy with our experience.

  • Tan

    This review is for magnified beauty hair and make up services and I wanted others to know of my experiences so they know up front the kind of person they are dealing with. I contacted Sahar, the owner of this business for an appt for party hair and make up this year. I was overseas so I thought it would be easiest to email her. Firstly she took more than 2 business days to respond to each and every message. Secondly she didn’t answer all the questions I had asked. And then finally after all of the back and forth with her I managed to get an appointment and sent through an email money transfer as a deposit, at her request. Then I get an email back from her… very promptly I might add (perhaps because there was now money involved) telling me that she had to enter her banking details in and that she shouldn’t need to do that and could I please send the deposit through again using a different bank. I explained to her that I was overseas at the time and could not fulfil this request since I didn’t have access to all my bank accounts at the time, but if she was happy to enter her details in that I would keep my appointment, otherwise I would have to look elsewhere. I don’t quite understand why she had an issue entering her banking details to receive a deposit? Sheer laziness..who knows! I was willing to provide her with benefit of doubt and a few hours later I had spoken with my bank and sent her a message to let her know that I could now send a transfer with my current institution as per her request where she wouldn’t have to enter her banking details. I didn’t hear back from her but I assumed all would be fine since I was complying with her request and I went ahead and sent over the deposit. Over the next few days I heard nothing. I finally emailed her back after 2 days and again heard nothing. Since I had sent over a deposit I called and left a voicemail message again letting her know that I’m overseas and asking if she could please let me know whether she received the transfer to her satisfaction. Finally I got an email from her informing me that she could no longer keep my appointment. Based on this experience with her I found that Sahar sadly has a very arrogant attitude and lacks integrity and professionalism while displaying a total disregard for other people’s time. The fact is it took me considerable time to go back and forth with her while overseas to book an appointment and confirm receipt of deposit and my appointment. There are plenty of fabulously talented and lovely make up artists in Toronto, don’t waste your time or your money with this one or you will be disappointed!


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