High Tea Experience at the Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto

If I wasn’t living in Canada what would be my dream place to live in? England! I’ve been able to visit England quite a few times (have relatives there) and I am so in love with the place. What’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of England? Tea , the British accent and vintage items!

When it comes to England and tea I can imagine the classy British ladies having their afternoon tea in vintage teacups with saucers on a round table with a crisp white table cloth surrounded by cookies and macarons and scones!

High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto


I always wanted the experience of attending high tea.

I wasn’t sure if I could get such an experience in Toronto but thanks to google I found a place and after reading reviews I was convinced that it was going to be fantastic.

High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto

I chose the afternoon high tea at the Windsor Arms hotel. As soon as I reached there I felt like I was in England. The small little hotel with Victorian architecture located on the road with lanes as narrow as the ones in England. Yes I got to go to England for a day without a ticket. Even the people a the hotel looked English. Have a look at the lady in the green above, she can easily be mistaken for Queen Elizabeth herself.

We were given the menu and asked to choose one tea flavour each. I chose something with the word eve in it..can’t remember the exact flavour but it has mango and peach in it. To my surprise we were each given our own kettle. I didn’t think I would be able to drink an entire kettle myself but I did! It was just that good! I filled and refilled my teacup a good 7-8 times before it finished lol.

High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto High Tea Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto


Event: High Tea
Location: Windsor Arms
price : $58 (including tax)

Yes it’s very pricey! Here’s the big question : was it worth it? Not really. Yes some things were excellent but I was very disappointed with the pastries. You can go there for as a one time thing for the experience though.

Yes the hotel is pretty and the set up was nice and it was a good experience but if I could go back in time I would not go there. The top tier with the deserts was pathetic! And no I’m not exaggerating. The macarons and assorted pastries were horrible!! I didn’t finish even a single one of them except for the cupcake. I would take one and have a bite and leave it on my plate and not even finish it. The one cupcake they had was really good though (carrot cake with ginger candies on top).

The sandwiches were okay. I liked the display and how they were rolled and made bite sized but they definitely lacked flavour and were too dry. More mayonnaise would have been good.

The bottom tier with the scones was my favourite. Mmmm they were good!! I ate three šŸ™‚ I think scones are hard to perfect and so you can’t get good ones too easily but these were soo yummy!! The raspberry and strawberry jam and devons cream went along perfectly with them.

So overall id say that you can attend it as a one time thing for the experience but only expect the bottom tier with the scones and the tea to taste good. The rest of the items like the sandwiches and pastries are not good.

Have any of you readers gone to the Windsor arms hotel? Or have you been a part of high tea elsewhere?

Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚


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  • Miranda

    Oh, I am so jealous that you’ve been to England, I think it’s such a beautiful place šŸ™‚
    I’ve also been to Windsor Arms for high tea and I thought it was a pretty nice place. One of the nicer decorated places I’ve been to but it’s definitely pricey. I got luckily and used a Groupon so it was well worth it! I also chose a fruit tea and it was delicious! I think I loved the scones the most, they were really filling but I still managed to finish a whole one!

    Other High Tea places is not as good but cheaper is Ruelo! I also went to a “buffet” style one at some Hotel on Highway 7.. of course it kind of defeats the whole purpose of high tea hahah but when you try to bring boys, buffet style is a good choice!

  • Shivani

    I ate 3 scones I think lol! Loved them! I haven’t heard those places but I’ll check them out. One place that’s also pretty famous for high tea in Toronto is the Fairmont Royal York Hotel which I’d love to go to sometime.

  • Sashine

    I’ve been to the Windsor Arms several times for the afternoon tea, but not in a couple of years, at least. And that’s because I’ve read several unfavourable reviews (such as this one), so I prefer to go elsewhere. It’s an expensive treat, and if the pastries, or any part is not enjoyable, then it’s just a waste of money … which could be spent at other hotels that do have favourable reviews. Thank you for your review. I found it when I was re-considering afternoon tea there. But, after reading this, I think it will book a reservation at the King Edward Hotel, or the Royal York Hotel.


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