How to get a Customized Sequin Shimmer Saree Blouse Designed

During my early blogging days I did an Indian saree outfit post in which I wore a golden sequinned shimmer blouse. Some of you asked where I got it from and the answer to that was that it was custom made. I got the sequin cloth myself and got it made from a tailor while on a trip to Chandigarh (India). I wanted to elaborate on that so thought of doing a separate post.

The blouse below is the one I wore along with an orange and magenta saree. I know that many people purchase sequin blouses but they can cost a lot so it’s better to go ahead and get your own made. In India it can cost up to Rs.7000 ($130) if you buy them and as far as Canada goes I have no idea because I never buy Indian clothes from here. It works out a lot better to get these blouses tailored because you can choose your own design and have it made to fit.

Customized sequin shimmer saree blouse

 ~ Length, Cost: The cloth below is 2.5 metres of golden sequin cloth that I got from a cloth house in Chandigarh (India). These cloth houses are spread all over the country so you can get them from anywhere. The fabric cost me Rs.900 ($16). The blouse in the above photo has more dull and bronze sequins and the cloth below is more shiny.

 ~ Shiny sequins or dull?: Later on I realized that I prefer the dull sequins to the shiny ones so I use the cloth below for backgrounds for blog pictures and will use it in my videos soon. Overall I am happy with the blouse I already own and won’t be getting another one made.

 ~ What can you wear them with? As long as the sequins don’t clash and mismatch with the embroidery of your sari you can wear these blouses with them. For example you can’t wear a golden blouse with a saree that has silver embroidery.

You don’t have to stick to golden and can go for sequins in many colours but personally I fell the dull bronzy golden cloth is the best. The rest kind of have a cheap look.

Golden sequin cloth for saree

Don’t forget to tell the tailer to put cups in it because  you most probably won’t be wearing a bra underneath. Saree blouses mostly have deep backs (if you prefer) so wearing a bra is not an option. These cups work out great.

Design a golden sequin shimmer saree blouseGolden sequinned shimmer blouse for sarees

I also purchased golden tassles (known as latkans) and had them added at the back.

Golden Latkans for saree blouses

The overall look:

Golden sequin shimmer blouse

Red and orange indian saree

The pictures above are of different sizes and shapes because they are from the old outfit post I did when I had just started this blog.

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Thanks for reading!

♥ Shivani

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