Almay 2014 Blogger Event Toronto @ Drake Hotel Sky Yard

Hey all! I was invited to a beauty blogger event by Almay some time ago but never got a chance to type up the post but here it is. Better late than never right?!

Almay 2014 Blogger Event Toronto

Almay held an amazing beauty blogger event at the Drake Hotel Toronto. The event was held on their terrace which is known as Hotel Sky Yard. They followed a picnic theme and named the event Almay Blogger Picnic. They gave us a ton of Almay makeup products in a cute lunch box (following their whole picnic theme). We all settled down in groups on tables where each of us were given large mirrors and tissues to help in doing our makeup.

Almay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoAlmay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoBut before that we gorged on the snacks ofcourse 😉Almay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoAnd luckily the weather was fantastic that day and the open air space was just lovely to hang out in.Almay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoAlmay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoAlmay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoThe makeup lesson was hosted by Almay makeup artist Jacquie Hutchinson  , who you can see demonstrating on the model in the picture below.Almay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoCute lunchbox they gave the goodies in:

They started the lesson by telling us to open our lunch boxes and find a pack of Almay makeup wipes in there and remove whatever we were wearing. Basically we had to take our faces off and it reminded me of an episode I saw of the Tyra Banks show where she taught the audience how to makeup. I always wanted to be part of something exciting like that!

Some girls, though only a few hesitated to take their makeup off and didn’t participate. I felt bad for them and how insecure they were. People makeup way too seriously. I myself don’t go anywhere without it but this was a room full of girls and we were all there to learn.

Anyway, we started off with fresh faces and applied foundation, eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush and lip gloss. And guess what? All of the items in the bag were personalized for us from before. So the goody bags already had our names on them and were packed with our foundation shade and eyeshadow and line colours suited for our eye colours. Almay had asked us to fill a questionnaire weeks before the event where they asked us our skin tone, eye colour, makeup preferences etc.

Almay 2014 Blogger Event TorontoAlmay 2014 Blogger Event Toronto

The loot 😉 :

Almay 2014 Blogger Event Toronto

All in all I had SO much fun at this event and almost didn’t make it but I’m so glad I was able to take time out and go. This was the most fun beauty blogger event I’ve been to so far and the only one where they actually taught u makeup application and we were able to get hands on experience!

Fyi Almay is a fantastic brand for sensitive skin. So if you have sensitive skin or eyes then surely try out their makeup. My skin isn’t sensitive but my lashes are – they fall out so much! 🙁 So I’ll be getting myself black mascara from Almay 😀

Check out the Almay Website and Almay Canada Facebook Page for more details on their products.

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