I’ve wanted to visit The Cupcake Shoppe in Toronto for  over a year now but never did because I was busy, didn’t know how to find it (reviews online said it was hidden away in some corner and wasn’t easy to locate) and because a lot of the reviews online said their cupcakes were dry […]

Hey all! I was invited to a beauty blogger event by Almay some time ago but never got a chance to type up the post but here it is. Better late than never right?!

If I wasn’t living in Canada what would be my dream place to live in? England! I’ve been able to visit England quite a few times (have relatives there) and I am so in love with the place. What’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of England? Tea , the […]

I was recently invited by Essence Cosmetics to attend the first preview of their Fall 2014 collection and like a true makeup addict and event lover I went! I was fortunate to attend their Spring Collection launch event on 2013 as well and you can see the details on that here.

I recently visited the Ripleys Aquarium in Toronto, Canada and enjoyed every second of it. It’s absolutely beautiful inside with a wide variety of sea creatures. My favourite part of it was the ceiling aquarium area where we could see fish floating above our heads. 

A few days ago I got a chance to attend the new spring and summer collection launch (for next year) of Essence Cosmetics, Canada. I was excited to be one of the bloggers that got a chance to be a part of it and enjoyed a lot! There were complimentary manicures, mini makeovers and lots […]

Last weekend I got the amazing opportunity of attending Spark Sessions– Canada’s first and only Beauty and Fashion Blogger Conference. I picked up many valuable tips on how to improve my blog content and photography, pitch to companies, build a media kit and more! I also got a chance to meet other bloggers from Toronto […]

I got a chance to attend IMATS Toronto this month and it was my first IMATS. If you’re not familiar with IMATS then let me explain. IMATS- International Makeup Artist Trade Show is an exhibition where makeup is sold at very discounted rates. It was earlier open only to makeup artists but opened to the […]

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now you would probably already know that I’m crazy about attending wedding exhibitions. Indian wedding exhibitions to be more exact. I’m not getting married or anything but just love all things wedding. You can check out my previous Kismet Wedding Exhibition Pictures post (Canadian exhibition) and […]

Over 40 Pictures, 2 videos and 1000 plus Words! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my biggest post yet! My Kismet Indian Wedding Exhibition Experience: I attended a wedding exhibition in India some time ago (see post here) and loved it! Recently I got a chance to attend a Canadian one too called the Kismet […]

Glam Diaries was started on 28th August, 2012 and yesterday it turned one! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for one whole year! I guess the main reason for that would be that I blogged on and off mainly because I was busy with my MBA. Now that all that’s done I’ve been blogging a […]

I was recently at the Heathrow Airport in London and had a stopover for five hours. With so much time on my hands and surrounded by British brands I had only heard of before, shopping was the way to go. I mainly shopped at 3 places: Harrods, Boots and Ted Baker. I also shopped at […]