During previous visits to the Eatons Centre (local mall here in Toronto), I always passed by The Face Shop. It seemed interesting but I never went in because I always though it was a shop that only sold face masks (and I am not a face mask person). I saw someones post on instagram of a haul of cute items from there so I decided to walk in one day.

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MAC Riri Woo

by Shivani on March 12, 2014

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I was thrilled to receive a love package from Revlon Canada this Valentines Day. I received it a bit late but I’m sharing the pictures with you all. Swatches coming soon.

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” I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once” – Hazel Grace.

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Urban Decay Primer Potion UNDER Eyes – A Concealer Base to Prevent Creasing

Thumbnail image for <span style='color:#fd5e9e;'>Urban Decay Primer Potion UNDER Eyes – A Concealer Base to Prevent Creasing</span>

For all the girls out there who have a few fine lines going on on their under eye area, I have a solution for you! Most people use the Urban Decay Primer Potion as an eyeshadow primer only. That’s great because that’s what it’s meant for. But there is another purpose I use it for […]

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Vintage MAC Makeup : A Story of the Early Years

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Victoria’s Secret Travel Makeup Hanger Pouch

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I saw this adorable travel hanger style makeup case at Victoria’s Secret and I knew I was going to buy it soon, but just not at $32. I was going to wait for it to go one sale, even if it meant waiting for a whole month. I was ecstatic when it went on sale early. They […]

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DIY Earring Holder [Video]

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I had this video filmed and sitting in iMovie for over a month now waiting to be edited! I started work this month and became super busy with no time for anything during the week and with my weekends being taken up by activities such as grocery shopping and laundry. I’ll talk more about that […]

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Affordable Gel Nail Manicure at Home

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Want to get gel nails without the price tag and LED light? Try out affordable gel nail polishes and top coats  like I do. When it comes to gel manicures you have many options such as: going to a salon and getting one done (sure if you want to spend $40!), spending $150-$200 on a […]

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Victoria’s Secret Pink Warm and Cozy Body Lotion Review

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Step aside Bath and Body Works and Soap and Glory! You have a competitor! Today I want to share a recent discovery with all of you and trust me when I say that’s it’s a must have. It’s the Victoria’s Secret Pink body lotion in Warm and Cozy. I got this when one of my […]

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